Benefits of Asynchronous Interviews

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Asynchronous communication has become a hot topic recently,  due in part to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on companies and their employees across the globe. But, asynchronous practices are beneficial for more than just cross-team communication purposes. In fact, it can be extremely powerful for podcast interviews or in journalism. 

When it comes to asynchronous communication vs. synchronous communication, the differences are quite simple: Synchronous communication occurs between people exchanging information in real-time. They don’t necessarily have to be face-to-face, but everything is happening ‘live’. Asynchronous communication refers to the same exchange of information, but without the need to communicate it in real-time. 

An asynchronous interview, for example, would allow the guest to respond to questions and offer their answers at their convenience, without having to be available to converse with or connect with the interviewer in “real-time”. 

With increasing demands on schedules and attention, asynchronous interviewing is becoming exceedingly popular. But, what are the benefits of recording interviews asynchronously for podcasts and writers?

It Saves Time

An async interview saves time for everyone involved. The interviewer doesn’t have to worry about having all of the right questions lined up perfectly at any given time. They can go through their questions slowly, making sure they are asked the right way in order to draw out the best possible answer. 

It can be difficult to find even an hour in the day to spare for an interview. With an asynchronous interview, the interviewer can record when they want, and the interviewee can respond when it's best for them. Doing so when all parties have free time helps to ensure that both the questions and answers will be more thorough and not rushed. 

It Can Be Done Anywhere

Another benefit of asynchronous interviewing is that you can communicate with an interviewee anywhere in the world. Geographic and time zone separations become less of a problem when you’re utilizing technology to do a great interview. 

By using an app like Volley, no one has to deal with calendar invites or Zoom/Skype links that can sometimes get messy.

It is Less Disruptive of Your Day

Asynchronous interviews encourage clear thinking. Because the interviewee can respond on their own time, they have the chance to truly think about their answers and they can deliver them in more clear and concise ways. This type of interviewing also allows both the interviewer and interviewee to re-record their questions/answers multiple times to ensure everything sounds exactly how it is meant to be. 

How the Volley app Works

If you are interested in using the Volley app for your next podcast or blog interview, invite your guest to join you on Volley. The ‘Batch’ format makes it easy to record questions ahead of time via audio messages, or you can choose “Long Form”, which emphasizes discovering new topics and questions as the conversation goes on. If you have follow-up questions, you can easily continue to ‘volley the conversation’ until the interview is complete in either format. When you’re finished, the app stitches the entire audio file for you to download then edit and share with your audience.

Volley breaks down interview barriers like busy schedules and geographical roadblocks while adding convenience and promoting clarity by all parties involved. If you’re looking for a great way to improve upon your interviews, try asynchronous communication using the Volley app.

Download the Volley app on the iOS App Store here.